Online Tupperware Party and Our Tupperware Wish List

Online Tupperware Party and Our Tupperware Wish List

Online Tupperware Party Fundraiser

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Thanks to the generosity and awesomeness of local Tupperware Consultant, Heather Howard, we are hosting an amazing online Tupperware Party from May 1st-21st.

Heather is kindly donating ALL of her profits from this party back to the youth centre while allowing us to get some critical new supplies for our very busy kitchen.

Our Food and Nutrition Program has us preparing over 250 meals EVERY week, which is super hard on our kitchen tools and equipment. We’ve created a wish list (posted on the right) of all the items we can definitely make great use of.

You can shop for Tupperware for yourself or that perfect Mother’s Day gift and that helps us get items but you can also browse our wishlist and add any item to your order and donate it to us.

Please have a look through the wonderful Summer Catalogue for all the cool Tupperware and share this link to our Online Tupperware Party Fundraiser and support your local youth centre.



Our Tupperware Wishlist

(In no particular order)

Please click through photo gallery above for images of the items on our wish list


May Programming

May Programming

To register for May programming, please email