Message from our Board Chair 2020 AGM

Message from our Board Chair 2020 AGM

Greetings to all,

The past 18 months have been busy and productive as we have solidified and strengthened many of our traditional programs such as summer camp, the Hallowe’en Haunted House extravaganza and physical activity nights while adding new and exciting initiatives such as zoom cooking, an on-line art program and AID-Brigade music program. While the COVID -19 Pandemic brought unexpected challenges about the ways, we think about, plan and deliver programming the solid base that we have built over the past 3 years enabled us to be responsive and nimble in meeting this challenge. Over the past months, we have expanded our bricks and mortar on site programming beyond our walls and into the homes and zooms of many youth and families across Mississippi Mills villages, farms and countryside.

The great efforts of our volunteers and staff have ensured that many youth and people across our community have been touched by the work and activities of the MMYC. Their generous sharing and practical support highlights the expertise, ingenuity and commitment of these important people in the life of MMYC. Every person who has worked here, has volunteered here or has supported us in so many ways is valued and truly responsible for MMYC’s success. In addition to our core staff we have welcomed new staff members to our team and wished others well as they moved on to new journeys. Staff, volunteers and supporters; it is a great privilege to know each one of them.

This past year has really highlighted the strong support from our community and from several granting agencies for the work of MMYC. We have had significant funds donated and have received so many other donations of practical knowledge, materials, wisdom and expertise from generous community members. In addition to our successful partnerships and funding through agencies such as the Hub, Carebridge with our intergenerational programming, the Mississippi Mills Municipality and Lanark County as well as Canada Works we, in collaboration with the 4 Youth Centers across the county received 2 significant grants aligned to capacity building for youth in times of COVID-19. All of these amazing supporters are essential to our continued operations and makes a powerful statement about Mississippi Mills commitment to youth and belief in the tremendous potential of youth, as they become strong and engaged citizens.

In closing I would like to thank our amazing staff, tireless Board of Directors, all of our incredible supporters, funders, partners and volunteers for all that they do and all that they so generously share. It has been a busy year and there is so much more to look forward to. In the coming months we will continue to expand the footprint of our youth center through innovative programs that meet the needs of our youth, by continuing to foster and sustain successful collaborations with our many community partners (existing and new) and through meaningful engagement with our community members here in Mississippi Mills and across the County. Through innovative programming both on-site and virtual, collaborative initiatives and network activities MMYC is having an important impact on youth and their families across our region. Thank you for everything, we remain committed to moving forward our goal of strengthening youth, family and community well-being.
Sincerely, Mary Ann Murray