FREE After-School Programs for Youth Ages 10-18

Youth aged 10-18 who have already completed the Youth Membership Package are invited to sign-up for our rotating calendar of FREE after-school programs

New To MMYC?

All new youth must read, sign, and return MMYC’s  Youth Membership Package before attending programming.


Mississippi Mills Youth Centre offers free After-School Drop-In programs for youth ages 10-18 from 2:30pm-7:30pm Monday to Thursday and 2:30pm-9:00pm on Fridays.

During DROP-IN, youth members are invited to join our staff, volunteers, and youth members for nutritious snacks and meals, planned activities and games, free time, homework help, or tutoring by appointment.

Take advantage of our community space, complete with many games and activities, art supplies, sports equipment, videogames, and spend time in an inclusive and supervised social space for youth ages 10-18.

We have a minimum of 2 staff present for all DROP-IN hours

Registration is NOT REQUIRED for the following activities – just show up !

2:30pm-6:30pm : After-School DROP-IN with Maybe & Karma
6:30pm-7:30pm : Movie Night 

2:30pm-6:30pm : After-School DROP-IN with Maybe & Karma
6:30pm-7:30pm : Arts & Crafts Night 

2:30pm-6:30pm : After-School DROP-IN with Maybe & Lilli
6:30pm-7:30pm : Group Videogames

2:30pm-6:30pm : After-School DROP-IN with Maybe & Lilli
6:30pm-7:30pm : Karaoke Night with Maybe & Lilli

2:30pm-6:00pm : Outdoor Games & Recreation with Karma & Maybe
6:00pm-9:00pm : Board Games & Movie Night with Karma

Register Now for Drag Art with Caligula & Maybe

The Aid-Brigade Music Program in honour of Aiden Fotherby-Verk

Some people don’t need a whole lot of time here on earth to make their mark, to change their community for the better and leave a lasting impact. Aiden Fotherby-Verk was one of those special souls who made so much of the short amount of time he had. As a part of his lasting legacy, his family has generously donated to the Mississippi Mills Youth Centre to create the “Aid-Brigade Music Program” in Aiden’s honour. Aiden’s music program will be a permanent offering at the youth centre and provide variety of music programming and activities throughout the year.

Together with Aiden’s family, we have shaped the music program to embody the best of who Aiden was; his joyful love of music, his passion for learning new things, his incredible ability to face challenges and grow from them, and his wicked sense of humour and fun. We are honoured to be keeping his memory and his spirit alive in a way that will have meaning and impact in the lives of so many other local kids.

The Aid-Brigade Music Program includes:
• assorted music lessons throughout the year, including ukulele, piano, drums and more
• digital music making with fun software and apps
• a karaoke machine with fun accessories for a more “wild and free” exploration of music
• Song and lyrics writing workshops
• Youth performances and talent showcases

Music plays an essential role in the healthy development of all children. The benefits range from building stronger cognitive skills in math and science, to stimulating their creativity, boosting self-esteem, nurturing connection with others and most importantly of all, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Please check our website and Facebook regularly to see what exciting music programming we have currently and what else is coming up. We invite anyone in the community who has a love of music and wants to volunteer in the Aid-Brigade Music Program to contact us. We are also always accepting donations of musical instruments, songbooks and other music related items. We greatly appreciate monetary donations that we use towards this truly special program and all of our vital programming.

To learn more about Aiden and the family he loved so much please visit his Mom, Stephanie’s blog at

To get involved with the Aid-Brigade Music Program please contact or call 613-256-5959