Well, we kind of knew this was coming given the extremely high numbers of Covid cases with this new variant so we were prepared to shift our programming back to online only for a temporary time frame.
While the centre will be closed to the public except for those dropping off donations, we will continue to be here to serve our local youth in this difficult time. All of our programming is available free to youth online. If you know of someone who does not have access to a device they can use to join our programming, please get them to call/email us as we can help them out with that so they can still participate.
Please email programcoordinator@mmyc.ca to get the zoom links for programs and we’ll have more specific information about the programs available posted tomorrow afternoon.
We know how very exhausting and challenging this is for all of us but we also know that we’ve proven we can handle these setbacks and come out ahead. We got this Mississippi Mills!
For any parents/guardians/caregivers feeling the strain and looking for strategies to support your youth through this time, please email our Managing Director, Sarah Bingham at managingdirector@mmyc.ca