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About The Mississippi Mills Youth Centre

The Mississippi Mills Youth Centre (MMYC) is a fun and inclusive community space for youth aged 10-18. 

Our Mission | To support youth in the discovery of themselves and their community. 

MMYC first opened our doors at 134 Main Street East, Almonte, Ontario in December 2016.  Since then, we have worked hard to create a youth centre that provides for the diverse needs and interests of our local youth. With the help of our community partners, volunteers, and donors, we are able to host a wide variety of programs, activities, and events for free or low-cost.

Our Vision – Confident, Contributing, Content Youth

Our Values – Respect, inclusion, integrity, safety, responsibility, pride, fairness, fun and connections.

*See our Programs page for more info.

Our office is open to the public from 10:00am-7:30pm Monday-Friday

Meet Our Team!

    Lilli Nothnagel

    Lilli Nothnagel

    Executive Director

    Lilli is a Child and Youth Care graduate focused on going above and beyond to support the team and serving local youth. She is passionate about music, her pets, cooking and so much more. Lilli is looking forward to her new adventure as the Executive Director of the Mississippi Mills Youth Centre.

    Maybe McInnis

    Maybe McInnis

    Program Coordinator

    Maybe is a trained visual artist and has led a wide variety of art workshops for youth over the past 10 years. They love to experiment, get messy, and learn new skills. Maybe has a playlist for every occasion and they like to take song requests so that they can pick the perfect soundtrack for the youth to enjoy during programming hours every week.

    Joey Graff

    Joey Graff

    Project Coordinator

    Joey is an artist and advocate from Almonte, Ontario. Prior to his work at the MMYC, he has worked as an actor, director, and competitive coach. He is passionate about food, theatre education, puppetry, music, and much more. He is excited for all of the upcoming programming (but is especially pumped for Dungeons and Dragons)!

    Youth Workers

    Karma Millar, Lena Goodwin, Emery Schaettgen

    Our Dedicated Board of Directors

    Ken Kicksee (Chair)
    Mary Ann Murray (Past Chair)
    Jeniffer Hoy
    Arun Vanapalli
    Josh Villeneuve
    Ron Mac Meekin
    Tina Collins
    David Burkett